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Advertising Opportunities for Business Owners

Advertise with Real Pasadena and put your business in front of thousands of local residents!

We believe in the power of community and supporting local businesses. Our platform provides unique ways to connect with your target audience in Pasadena, Maryland and beyond. Explore the options below and discover how you can enhance your brand’s visibility and impact. Let’s work together to foster a stronger, more vibrant community.

Business Listings

Join us at Real Pasadena, where your success is our mission. Let’s build a stronger Pasadena together.

At Real Pasadena, we believe in the power of local businesses. That’s why we offer a robust platform for businesses to shine in the spotlight. Whether you’re a well-established local favorite or a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, our Business Listings are here to help you thrive.

But that’s not all. When you create a Business Listing, you also gain access to your personal dashboard, where you can effortlessly manage your listings and gain valuable insights. Track your views, leads, and reviews – all in one convenient place.

Advertise with Real Pasadena Business Listing Dashboard Screen

Basic – Free

  • Image Gallery: Showcase your establishment with a captivating image gallery.
  • Map Display: Make it easy for customers to find you with an interactive map.
  • Business Tagline: Share your unique story with a memorable tagline.
  • Location: Pinpoint your exact location for convenient navigation.
  • Website Link: Direct traffic to your website for more information.
  • Social Media Links: Stay connected with your audience through social media.
  • Business Hours: Keep your customers informed about your operating hours.

Premium – $19.99/year

Elevate your presence with everything from the Basic plan, plus:

  • Video: Engage your audience with immersive video content.
  • FAQ Section: Address common questions and build trust.
  • Tags/Keywords: Improve discoverability with strategic keywords.
  • Lead Form: Capture potential leads effortlessly.

Ultimate – $59.99/year

Experience the pinnacle of exposure with all Premium features, plus:

  • Announcements: Keep your audience informed about the latest news and updates.
  • Deals-Offers-Discounts Coupons: Drive sales with exclusive offers.
  • Hide Competitors’ Ads: Stand out without distractions.
  • Events: Promote your events and attract more attendees.

If your business is already listed on our website, claiming it is simple. You can opt to keep a Basic account or supercharge your profile with Premium or Ultimate features. Ready to get started? Click the button to create a NEW business listing and unlock the potential of your local business.

Listing Ad Campaigns

Unlock the potential of your business with Real Pasadena’s Listing Ad Campaigns.

After you’ve created your business listing, it’s time to take your presence to the next level with our Listing Ad Campaigns. We’ve designed this feature with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, empowering you to boost your business visibility with ease.

Advertise with Real Pasadena Featured Business Listing Advertisement Location 1


Your business listing ad will be prominently featured on the Homepage and throughout our website.

Advertise with Real Pasadena Featured Business Listing Advertisement Location 2

Top of Search

Ensure your business shines by appearing above the Search Results.

Advertise with Real Pasadena Featured Business Listing Advertisement Location 3


Catch the eye of potential customers with your ad on your competitors Listing Detail in the sidebar.

Easy Steps to Create a Campaign:

  • Select a Listing: Choose the listing you want to promote.
  • Choose the Number of Days: Tailor your campaign’s duration to your needs.
  • Pick Your Placements: Decide where you want your ad to appear.
  • Secure Checkout: Complete your payment securely using Stripe.

And here’s the best part – the cost is just $1 per placement per day. Affordable, effective, and designed to drive results for your business.

Ready to make your business stand out? Claim or create your business listing today to get started on your journey to promoting your business and reaching more customers.

Featured Articles

Unleash the power of storytelling with Real Pasadena’s Featured Articles.

At Real Pasadena, we understand the power of storytelling. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality content that keeps our community informed and engaged. Our articles cover a wide range of topics, including Arts & Entertainment, Business, Community, Politics, School & Youth, and Sports. We believe in the importance of real news that affects our community.

But we also offer something extra special – Featured Articles. These articles are carefully crafted to stand out. They hold a prime position on our website, appearing on the homepage, at the top of the news page, and in the sidebar of our news article pages. They provide businesses with an opportunity to shine in the form of native advertising, seamlessly blending into our content to capture your audience’s attention.

Advertise with Real Pasadena Featured Article Advertisement Location 01
Advertise with Real Pasadena Featured Article Advertisement Location 02

Why Choose a Featured Article:

  • Prime Exposure: Your business will be in the spotlight on our most visited pages.
  • Native Advertising: Break through the noise with content that feels organic, not like traditional ads.
  • Editorial Excellence: Each article is intentionally written and approved by our editor, ensuring top-notch quality.

Highlight your business with a professionally written featured article, including photography. Get prime exposure on our website plus distribution across our social channels.

We believe in tailoring our solutions to your unique needs. Your business is one-of-a-kind, and our goal is to highlight its distinctiveness. Contact us today for to get started and discover the exceptional visibility and impact a Featured Article can bring to your brand.

Podcast Sponsorships

Empower the future of entrepreneurship with Real Pasadena’s Podcast Sponsorship.

At Real Pasadena, we’re committed to fostering a thriving local business community. One way we’re achieving this is through our upcoming “Real Pasadena Small Business Podcast.” This podcast is more than just conversations; it’s about forging connections, sharing stories, and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

What to Expect:

  • Real Stories: Dive into the journeys of local business owners. Discover their challenges, successes, and lessons learned.
  • Community Building: Connect with the people behind the businesses that shape our community.
  • Pathways to Entrepreneurship: Inspire young minds to explore the rewarding path of entrepreneurship.

We believe that education is not confined to the classroom, and we aim to fill the gap – providing insights into entrepreneurship that were often missed in traditional education.

As a sponsor of the “Real Pasadena Small Business Podcast,” you’ll have a unique opportunity to align your brand with our mission. Your support will help us continue producing valuable content that connects, educates, and inspires.

Real Pasadena Podcast hosted by James Bowerman

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Prominent Exposure: Your brand will be featured alongside our podcast content.
  • Community Engagement: Show your commitment to our local business community.
  • Inspire Future Entrepreneurs: Be a part of the journey to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in young minds.

Participating in the podcast as a guest is free. We welcome business owners to share their stories without any cost. However, we also offer a unique advertising opportunity. Purchase a 30 or 60 second advertising slot on each episode to amplify your brand’s reach to our engaged audience.

Our podcast episodes will be posted on our website in the Business section and distributed across all our social channels, maximizing your reach to our engaged audience.

While the podcast is still in its early stages, we have big plans for its growth, aiming to become a weekly source of inspiration for our community.

Are you ready to join us on this exciting journey? Contact us to explore advertising slot opportunities and become a vital part of the “Real Pasadena Small Business Podcast.”

Additional Opportunities

Real Pasadena Passport

Unlock the possibilities of Pasadena with the Real Pasadena Passport.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery in Pasadena, Maryland? Real Pasadena presents the Real Pasadena Passport – your ticket to exploring the best our community has to offer.

Whats inside:

  • Top Voted Businesses: Discover the winners and favorites chosen by our local residents in categories like Food & Drinks, Health, Recreation, Shopping, and Services.
  • Exclusive Coupons: Inside, you’ll find valuable coupons that can be redeemed at featured businesses. Support local and save while you explore.
  • Interactive Experience: Get your passport stamped at each business you visit, making it a fun and rewarding adventure.
  • Prizes Await: Complete your passport and become eligible for exciting prizes and rewards.

The Real Pasadena Passport is more than a brochure; it’s your guide to the heart of Pasadena. It’s your opportunity to connect with local businesses, uncover hidden gems, and enjoy exclusive savings along the way.

Advertising Opportunities:

For businesses looking to showcase their offerings, the Real Pasadena Passport offers prime advertising space. Feature your business in front of a highly engaged, local audience. As part of Real Pasadena’s mission to support the community, we’re offering affordable advertising rates, starting at just $150 for three months.

Distribution: The passports are already distributed in over 17 local businesses, with plans to expand this reach in 2024 as we focus on growing Real Pasadena’s presence in the community.

Updates: The passport will be rebranded in 2024 to become part of Real Pasadena, with expanded pages to include valuable coupons. It will be printed quarterly, allowing businesses to change their ads seasonally if desired. Billing and distribution will also align with this schedule.

Photography & Video Production

Discover the possibilities of video marketing with Real Pasadena’s Promotional Video Production.

Elevate your business profile with the power of video! At Real Pasadena, we’re excited to offer businesses the opportunity to create stunning promotional videos that showcase your property, products, and services.

Why Choose Video:

  • Visual Impact: Video grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Storytelling: Narrate your brand’s story in a compelling and engaging way.
  • Versatile Marketing: Use your video not only on Real Pasadena but also across your other marketing channels.

Our Premier and Ultimate business listings include the option to feature promotional videos, and the benefits are boundless.

Video Packages: We offer a range of video production packages to suit your unique needs, ranging from $500 to $5,000. Each package is tailored to your vision and goals, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Aerial Photography and Video: As a licensed UAV drone pilot, we also offer the unique perspective of aerial photography and video. Capture stunning visuals that showcase your business from a bird’s-eye view.

Ready to take your business to new heights? Contact us to discuss the scope of your project and determine accurate pricing. Let’s bring your vision to life and create a video that resonates with your audience.